About Us

Dianne’s Mastectomy opened in 1985. Since that time, Dianne has provided quality post-mastectomy products and personal support to women in Toronto, the GTA, and surrounding areas.

At Dianne’s you will find a comfortable and private setting. Fittings by appointment allow you one-on-one time, privacy, and individualized attention. We carry the largest selection of post-mastectomy bras in Ontario and are continuously expanding our lines to serve you better. We are one of very few across Canada licensed to custom make breast prosthetics and are also the area dealer of at-home lymphedema therapy machines.

Working closely with the Canadian Cancer Society, area doctors and hospitals, as well as many related agencies provides you with the best possible care and most up-to-date information on breast health.

Products We Carry
Breast Prostheses
A breast prosthesis (plural: prostheses) is the replacement breast you will use following your surgery. If you have had a full mastectomy you will require a full breast prosthesis. Rather, if you have had a lumpectomy you may require a partial prosthesis. Many women who have not had surgery may also require a partial breast prosthesis due to genetic or uneven breast development.

All of the bras we carry are post-surgical, which means you will not be restricted to just one section of our store. Pre-pocketed and supportive, post-surgical bras allow for the weight and shape of your new breast prosthesis while maintaining a high level of comfort. As you will soon see, our vast selection of bras will have something to satisfy your individual needs and personal tastes.

Compression Garments & Machines
Compression garments for both men and women are important in the treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and lymphedema. We carry compression armsleeves, both dress and sport compression stockings, as well as lymphedema management machines.

You will find a variety of accessories in our office, including bra accessories and garments for directly after surgery.