Model 037 Contact Multi 2s

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Convert your silicone prosthesis into an attachable prosthesis with the Contact Multi 2s. The pad is made of a soft, strong silicone with adhesive on both sides — one side securely adheres to a symmetrical prosthesis, the other to your chest wall. The pad is easy to apply, wear and remove — giving women a new attachable solution and the freedom to choose. Wearing a breast form attached has been known to give women a feeling of less weight and more flexibility with clothing options. Like Amoena Contact breast forms, the Contact Multi 2s pad requires a clean and flat chest wall for the best adhesion. Daily cleaning is necessary using the Amoena Soft Cleanser and Soft Brush (included).

Packaged with a microfiber drying cloth, Amoena Soft Cleanser, and one Soft Brush.

Watch the Contact Multi 2s video for detailed information about wearing and cleaning.

Available in sizes 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10

Model 380 Contact

Adhesive to fit your active lifestyle! Tria Contact light features an adhesive gel back with “pearls” that allow the adhesive to contact more chest wall surface area for a more secure and comfortable fit. Wear with your regular bra! Lightweight for all day comfort. Symmetric triangle for a natural fit.

This form actually attaches directly to the skin and moves with the body, staying in place with every movement.  It doesn’t even fall away from the body when you bend forward! By being attached to your chest wall, this form distributes weight thereby relieving pressure on shoulders – especially important for women with lymphedema or a larger bust. This breast form provides freedom in clothing choices, ie lower cut dresses. Allows for greater security and self-confidence. This form works best on someone who has a very flat chest wall to allow full adhesion.

Available in sizes 1-14