Model 110 – “Impressions Shell”

Natural, breathable, light; these three adjectives perfectly summarize the Impressions Shell from Trulife. Natural tapering blends seamlessly to create an intimate fit with no lines. This form is made from the unique pure silicone, providing a soft and natural feel with integrated areola and nipple to enhance and restore femininity. Excellent solution for someone who has had a lumpectomy or who is looking for an even breast balance following breast reconstruction.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL

Model 534 – “Bodicool Partial Triangle”

The unique cooling technology found in the original BodiCool breast form is now available in the new BodiCool Partial Triangle. Made from a lightweight, translucent silicone, the BodiCool Partial Triangle is recommended for women following lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgeries, or for genetic reasons that require symmetry. The tapered edges provide a seamless look. The TruCool gel delivers advanced comfort all day long.

Available in sizes 1-11

Model 545 – “Evenly You Partial”

This partial form features a conformable back which provides additional fullness and projection. The conformable back molds to your chest wall, filling in all spaces needed. The triangle shape offers full coverage. Recommended for post-reconstruction or post-lumpectomy.

Available in sizes 3-9

Model 11285 – “The Massage Shaper”

The Massage Shaper is perfect solution for women wanting balance due to a partial mastectomy, reconstruction or genetic imbalance. The base of this breast form fully covers the breast area and has a seamless transition within the bra. Patented channels across the back massage, cool and hug your body. Air channels are designed to create increased air circulation and comfort. The softness of this form allows it to mold to the contours of your body. The wider base allows for full coverage of the remaining breast tissue which provides a seamless transition from the shaper to the body. This design is especially comfortable for women living with lymphedema.

Available in sizes 3-10

Model 1057 – “Anita Care Partial”

Silicone in the front, microfiber with medical fleece in the back. This form is ideal during expanding reconstruction or during breast growth during pregnancy. The backing allows you to fill to the desired thickness, progressively taking medical fleece out as your breast expands.

Available in sizes 3-10

Model 11201 – “Triangle Shaper”

The thickness in this form is concentrated at the apex, while the ultra thin edges provide an invisible transition in the bra. Use for enhancement and/or natural balancing needs, such as providing symmetry following breast surgery or reconstruction. Comes packaged in an exclusive American Breast Care travel case.

Available in sizes 1-10

Model 11242 – “Lightweight Triangle Shaper”

Used for enhancement and/or natural balancing needs, helping to provide symmetry after breast conserving surgery or reconstruction. Features exact footprint of triangle breast forms, but with a hollow back to cover entire breast area. Made of lightweight silicone and available in both a blush or tawny silicone colour.

Sizes 3-10