Model 149 AquaWave

By all means, jump in the pool! You don’t have to worry about water weighing you down because the hollow back design of this Amoena form allows the water to flow through. Made of clear silicone, this form is remains hidden and allows your natural skin color to show through sheer fabrics. Creates rounded bust, even for larger sizes. Comes in a water-resistant drawstring bag to hold your AquaWave and your swimsuit.

Available in sizes 1-14

Model 630 ActiveFlow

Trulife is proud to bring you Activeflow, an original concept in active-lifestyle breast form design. Non-silicone, it offers the perfect combination of beads and molded spacer fabric to provide a flattering, natural profile. Perfect for swimming, jogging and gardening. A thicker outer lining ensures no beads show through your clothing or swimsuit.

This is also an excellent form for those looking for a lightweight option. Not only is this for those who are active, but also those who are less active such as elderly women who find the weight of a silicone form difficult to wear. The ActiveFlow form is especially a great option for those in a wheelchair as it is quite light to wear.

The ActiveFlow is made of molded, fast-dry spacer fabric and breathable foam for support and structure. It’s inner lightweight beads do not absorb water and dry quickly, and due to the structured material the beads to not show through with clothing or a swimsuit. It creates a flattering, natural profile, whether active or lying down. This is especially true when laying down on a beach chair, towel, etc as it takes the shape of a natural relaxed breast. It’s satin garment loop/tag can be used to pin into a garment, although we still suggest you use a pocketed bra or swimsuit. Comes packaged in a water resistant satin drawstring bag which can be used to carry a wet swimsuit or other damp items following swimming.

Available in sizes 1-14