About Breast Prostheses

What is a breast prosthesis?
A breast prosthesis is the external breast form that will replace your natural breast after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. It is made of silicone so it will feel very natural to the touch. It is on the outside of your body and is worn inside the pocket of your mastectomy/surgical bra.

Why should I wear a prosthesis?
Not only will this balance you aesthetically, but anatomically as well. Without the weight of your natural breast, you may start to notice headaches or back & neck pain as your body may begin to atrophy forwards, compensating for the missing weight. Wearing a prosthesis will put proper weight back on your body to avoid these symptoms. As well, it will give proper weight within your bra so it does not shift or ride up your chest.

How long will I have to wait to be fitted with my prosthesis after surgery?
Most doctors will recommend you wait 4-6 weeks after surgery until you get fitted with a prosthesis. This allows time for your surgery site to heal and for you to feel comfortable wearing a bra again. We have everything here and in stock so when you leave your appointment, you will leave with your prosthesis.

Are there different kinds?
Yes, there are a variety of shapes, sizes and features to fit your needs. Everyone’s body type and surgery is different so there are different breast prostheses to fit your personal and specific needs. Dianne will go through this with you during your fitting.

Why might I require a breast prosthesis following a lumpectomy?
A lumpectomy preserves as much as the surrounding breast tissue as possible; however, the removal of the cancerous lump may cause a noticeable difference in size from the normal breast. A partial breast prosthesis will restore your natural balance and symmetry.

Why might I need a breast prosthesis after reconstruction?
Some women find a significant difference in size between breasts following reconstruction and will wear a partial breast prosthesis to restore natural balance and symmetry.

Reconstruction of the nipple usually takes place several months after breast reconstruction to allow proper positioning. After this time, some women choose not to have nipple reconstruction. In this case, there are natural-looking silicone nipples that can be used directly on the skin following reconstructive surgery. These nipples can also be used directly on a partial or full breast prosthesis to provide a natural look.

Can I wear a silicone breast prosthesis swimming?
Yes. Silicone breast forms will not be damaged by chlorine or salt water and can be worn in the swimming pool, ocean, or hot tub. After use, gently wash and dry the breast prosthesis. The breast prosthesis must be worn in a pocketed swimsuit so it does not float out into the water. You can either pocket your own swimsuit using sew-in pockets, or buy a pre-pocketed swimsuit. Please take a look at our swimwear options to discover what is best for you.

If you are a regular swimmer, you may wish to consider a swimform. This is an alternative to a regular breast prosthesis that is specifically made to allow water to flow easily during swimming. Silicone swimforms are hollow in the back to allow for water to move freely through your swimsuit without the weight of a full breast prosthesis. Non-silicone swimforms are made of spacer fabric that does not take on water. This material is a mesh which allows water to flow directly through it. It is extremely light as to not pull your swimsuit down as emerge from the water. It also features a tag which you can use to pin into your suit, rather than having a pre-pocketed suit.