Model 485 Silk Curve

Meet the silky-soft curved breast prosthesis, made to fit the needs of a mature body shape. The tapered top transitions smoothly to the chest wall for a close fit. Meanwhile, the soft and shallow drape matches that of a natural mature breast. Visually see the difference with Trulife’s comparison graphic above, showing the difference between this form and their Silk Triangle, Model 471.

Available in sizes 4-12

Model 400 Natura Xtra Light

400_Tawny_Front   400_Tawny_Back

A lighter-than-lightweight breast prosthesis designed to fit snug against your body. The two layer design in the back helps the prosthesis stay upright in your pocketed bra and includes Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology for all day comfort. This prosthesis weighs 40% less than standard silicone prostheses of the same size and shape.

Available in sizes 1-17


Model 310 Energy Cosmetic 2s

The Amoena Energy Cosmetic 2s provides exceptional wearing comfort, especially for women who may have physical issues that prevent them from wearing a standard weight form. A thin layer of life-like silicone on the front is almost invisible in a bra cup. The middle layer is a light, ultra-soft reduced weight silicone. The back gel panel has a three-dimensional surface with air flow channel pearls which allows air to flow freely behind the form, increasing air ventilation and moisture evaporation.

Available in sizes 1-14

Model 150 Sublime

Welcome to an original innovation in lightweight breast forms! Sublime is the lightest silicone prosthesis available. The incredibly soft triple layer silicone, differing in density and texture, creates a natural feel and breast movement. The back features a honeycomb design to allow for breathability, while the imprinted fan design enhances cooling by allowing moisture and body heat to disperse. The entire form features a tapered edge to create a seamless and intimate fit. The front of the form has a discreet integrated nipple and areola design for a natural feminine look.

Available in sizes 4-14

Model 342 Energy Light 2s

Whether exercising, undergoing treatment, or experiencing menopausal symptoms this patented, three-dimensional technology provides excellent ventilation and day-long comfort. Excellent form to wear in warm climates. Antibacterial silver technology across the back provides constant freshness. Made of lightweight silicone (30% weight reduction compared to Amoena’s standard forms).

Available in sizes 1-14

Model 472 Silk Plus Triangle


Cream-like filled backing, as shown above, provides extensive comfort and additional fullness and projection. Symmetrical triangle shape fits a variety of body and surgery types.

Available in sizes 1 – 17

Model 471 Silk Triangle


This popular lightweight form is perfect for all-day comfort and is 35% lighter than traditional silicone prostheses. It’s versatile triangle shape fits a variety of body and surgery types, and it’s silky-soft, matte skin provides a comfortable feel against your chest wall.

Available sizes 1 – 14

Model 10248 Super Soft Triangle

Resembles the drape of a mature, natural breast. The front is covered in a soft satin skin-like silicone, while the back is a firmer lightweight silicone to increase support and shape. This symmetrical style comes packaged in an exclusive American Breast Care zippered travel case.

 Available in sizes 1 – 12

Model 10243 Convex Lightweight Triangle

Concave backing helps to fill in areas of the chest wall where they may be deficits following surgery. Terrific solution for women who find that most breast forms leave too much space at the top of the bra cup. Covered in a smooth, incredibly soft satin skin and comes packaged in an exclusive American Breast Care zippered travel case.

Available in sizes 3 – 13

Model 10275 Massage Form


Luxurious soft front provides a gentle drape that’s like natural breast tissue. Channel design on the back massages, cools and hugs against your body. The back of this breakthrough breast form features channels of silicone gel that create paths for air circulation, making this breast form cooler than other prostheses. This symmetric design also provides a secure fit for less shifting in the bra. This form is especially comfortable for women with lymphedema. Perfect for an average breast slope. Available in both a blush and tawny silicone colour.

Available in sizes 1-14