Your First Appointment

Why do I need to book an appointment?
Dianne works by appointment to ensure her customers receive privacy and personal attention. You will not have anyone walking in on you or interrupting your fitting. This is your time to be fitted for your post-surgical items and ask any questions you may have. There is no charge for your appointment.

What to expect:
When you come for your first appointment Dianne will fit you for a breast prosthesis and bra(s). You will be required to take your shirt off for this so you should wear a two-piece outfit on the day of your appointment. We carry our stock in-store so you will be able to leave with all of your purchases same day. You can even leave wearing it!

What to bring:
1) Health Card

  • We will need this to complete the government grant paperwork. For more information on this government program visit the Assistive Devices Program page under the FAQ section of our website

2) Private insurance information (if you have private insurance)

  • Many insurance companies will reimburse their clients for breast prostheses and mastectomy/surgical bras
  • Before your appointment, call your insurance company and ask:
    “How many mastectomy/surgical bras are covered?”
    “How often are mastectomy/surgical bras covered?”
    “How much of the cost will be covered?” (ie. 100%, 80%)

You will want to know this because every insurance company and plan is different. For example, some plans have spending accounts whereas others allow for 6 bras every calendar year, some allow for 2 every six months, and so on. Knowing this information may help guide your purchase choices.

If you don’t have private insurance, you can use your receipts as an income tax deduction.

3) Bringing a friend or family member is your choice. We have a waiting room for your guest to sit, or if you choose, they are certainly welcome to join you in your appointment.