Model 310 – “Energy Cosmetic 2s”

The Amoena Energy Cosmetic 2s provides exceptional wearing comfort, especially for women who may have physical issues that prevent them from wearing a standard weight form. A thin layer of life-like silicone on the front is almost invisible in a bra cup. The middle layer is a light, ultra-soft reduced weight silicone. The back gel panel has a three-dimensional surface with air flow channel pearls which allows air to flow freely behind the form, increasing air ventilation and moisture evaporation.

Available in sizes 1-14

Model 037 – “Contact Multi 2s”

Multi2s_OnProsthesisMulti2sScreen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.05.52 AM

Convert your silicone prosthesis into an attachable prosthesis with the Contact Multi 2s. The pad is made of a soft, strong silicone with adhesive on both sides — one side securely adheres to a symmetrical prosthesis, the other to your chest wall. The pad is easy to apply, wear and remove — giving women a new attachable solution and the freedom to choose. Wearing a breast form attached has been known to give women a feeling of less weight and more flexibility with clothing options. Like Amoena Contact breast forms, the Contact Multi 2s pad requires a clean and flat chest wall for the best adhesion. Daily cleaning is necessary using the Amoena Soft Cleanser and Soft Brush (included).

Packaged with a microfiber drying cloth, Amoena Soft Cleanser, and one Soft Brush.

Watch the Contact Multi 2s video for detailed information about wearing and cleaning.

Available in sizes 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10

Model 150 – “Sublime”

Welcome to the newest innovation in lightweight breast forms! Sublime is the lightest silicone prosthesis available. The incredibly soft triple layer silicone, differing in density and texture, creates a natural feel and breast movement. The back features a honeycomb design to allow for breathability, while the imprinted fan design enhances cooling by allowing moisture and body heat to disperse. The entire form features a tapered edge to create a seamless and intimate fit. The front of the form has a discreet integrated nipple and areola design for a natural feminine look.
Available in sizes 4-14

Sculpt Breast Enhancers




Shape and contour with Sculpt!  Designed for full figured women, these silicone breast shapers provide a smooth bust line. Also suitable for pre and post pregnancy.

Glam Breast Enhancers




Glam it up! Silicone enhancers for A & B cups. Designed for figure hugging clothes, they blend naturally to provide a curvier shape and silhouette that is one cup size larger.

Beach Breast Shapers




Give your swimwear a boost!  Silicone enhancers fit with virtually any bathing suit and provide natural curves, extra lift and beautiful cleavage.

Flirt Breast Shapers





Create great cleavage with Flirt!  Perfect for plunging necklines and provocative décolleté. Curved and tapered to hug the breast and boost cleavage. Often referred to as “chicken cutlets”. Not for those post-surgery.

Model 149 – “AquaWave”

By all means, jump in the pool! You don’t have to worry about water weighing you down because the hollow back design of this Amoena form allows the water to flow through. Made of clear silicone, this form is remains hidden and allows your natural skin color to show through sheer fabrics. Creates rounded bust, even for larger sizes. Comes in a water-resistant drawstring bag to hold your AquaWave and your swimsuit.

Available in sizes 1-14

Model 110 – “Impressions Shell”

Natural, breathable, light; these three adjectives perfectly summarize the Impressions Shell from Trulife. Natural tapering blends seamlessly to create an intimate fit with no lines. This form is made from the unique pure silicone, providing a soft and natural feel with integrated areola and nipple to enhance and restore femininity. Excellent solution for someone who has had a lumpectomy or who is looking for an even breast balance following breast reconstruction.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL

Model 534 – “Bodicool Partial Triangle”

The unique cooling technology found in the original BodiCool breast form is now available in the new BodiCool Partial Triangle. Made from a lightweight, translucent silicone, the BodiCool Partial Triangle is recommended for women following lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgeries, or for genetic reasons that require symmetry. The tapered edges provide a seamless look. The TruCool gel delivers advanced comfort all day long.

Available in sizes 1-11