What Are Mastectomy Bras?

How are mastectomy bras different from regular bras?
All of the bras we carry are referred to as mastectomy bras, or some people say surgical bras, meaning that there is an extra layer of material that creates a pocket behind the cup. This pocket allows the breast prosthesis to be worn securely, without falling out or shifting as you move throughout your day.

How does the breast prosthesis fit into the bra?
As mentioned above, all of our bras have a pocket behind the cup. The breast prosthesis will fit into this pocket much like a pillow fits into a pillowcase. Your breast prosthesis is transferrable between bras.

What’s the selection like?
There are many different bras to fit your personal preference or needs. They are not surgical looking, they look just like any other bra and come in all sorts of colours and designs. We have a large selection of bras including strapless, clear strapped, multi-way strapped, front opening, sport, etc. The designs vary anywhere from plain white, lace, or even animal print if you choose. You can view all of our bras here on our website, listed by manufacturer under Bras.

Will my size bra be available?
Not only do we have a wide selection in colour, design, and fit, but we also carry a vast selection of sizes. We have everything in stock, so you can leave with your bra the same day as your appointment.

I have private insurance; will they cover the cost of my bras?
Most insurance companies will cover the cost of mastectomy bras. All companies are different and provide different coverage. To find out what your coverage is, you will need to call your insurance company. For guidelines on what to ask, please refer to Your First Appointment page under the FAQ section of our website.

If you don’t have private insurance, you can use your bra receipts for an income tax deduction.