VenoTrain Micro


VenoTrain® micro consists of a fine fabric with a high proportion of microfiber. In addition to the attractive appearance, this compression stocking guarantees first-class wearing comfort. The microComfort-Effect ensures that the skin only comes into contact with microfibers.

The skin moisture and temperature are virtually identical after physical strain with and without VenoTrain® micro. An unpleasant hyperthermia on the skin is prevented. The body moisture is released in an optimum manner. In other words: wearing VenoTrain® micro even on hot days keeps you from sweating.

VenoTrain® compression stockings are comfortable to wear and support an active, healthy lifestyle. A balanced compression effect, individually tailored to the requirements of your legs guarantees therapeutic success. Medically effective, continuously tested, guarantees the high quality of VenoTrain®.

Available colours: