Sigvaris Performace Sport Leg Sleeve – Unisex (20-30mmHg)

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Sigvaris Performance Sport Compression Leg Sleeves are Sigvaris’ newest addition to their Active Therapy Compression line. This high-tech unisex sports compression sleeve is designed with all of the benefits to help peak your performance while delivering true 20-30 mmHg gradient compression. Intended for healthy individuals for use in athletic activities, not for those with serious medical leg conditions.

• Stabilizes & diminishes vibrations of active muscles for faster regeneration
• Latex-free high-tech fibers provide odor and thermal control; sleeve stays incredibly dry
• Extra-wide comfort top band keeps sleeve comfortably in place
• Less aching and cramping to optimize performance potential
• True graduated compression (20-30mmHg)

• Increased Circulation
• Improved blood flow through the veins
• Increased Oxygen to the Muscle Tissues
• Less Lactic Acid buildup in the legs during exercise
• Reduced exercise-induced muscle soreness in legs
• Precise Sizing for optimal comfort and guaranteed fit
• True Graduated Compression

• Longer Endurance due to increased blood circulation and increased oxygen delivery to muscle tissue
• Faster Regeneration
• Less Aching & Cramping helping to optimize performance potential