LymphaPress Optimal 1201-AP

Home treatment is an important component of lymphedema therapy. Treatment at home with the LymphaPress 201Max is easy and effective, saves time and money on clinic visits, and increases patient compliance.

LymphaPress 201Max has a short cycle time, and up to 24 overlapping chambers per garment. It features three individual zones calibrated at the pump, enabling the healthcare practitioner to set three separate areas on compression to accommodate focal lesions, contractures or scar tissue, and to decrease pressure proximally for a gradient effect. LymphaPress 201Max can treat one or two limbs simultaneously, and can be used with all related garments including the Comfysleeve 1-75 and LymphaPants for complete torso treatment.

Compact, sturdy, and reliable – LymphaPress 201Max is simple and easy to use, and has an upper pressure limit of 80 mmHg. The machine operates quietly, is easy to store, and is portable for use during travel.
Size: 15x32x38.5cm / 6×12.5×15.3in
Weight: 5.3 kg / 11.7 lbs
Electrical: 115V/60Hz


  • Quick cycle time (26 second cycle), recommended by physicians and therapists for more comfortable treatment in less time
  • Up to 24 fully overlapping chambers per garment, 12 per limb, for smooth sequential compression without gaps
  • Three separate zones of pressure, calibrated at the pump, for the highest level of gradient compression
  • LymphaPress 201Max can treat one or two limbs, or the entire lower or upper torso, simultaneously. All LymphaPress systems can treat bilaterally or unilaterally