Alternative Swimwear Options

For swimming, you will need to wear your prosthesis in a pocketed swimsuit. This is necessary so that the prosthesis does not float out of your swimsuit. Your silicone prosthesis is safe for chorine, ocean, hot tub, etc. However, some women find the silicone prosthesis heavy in their suit so there are specifically designed swimforms that are lighter and allow water to flow through. You can view these options on our website under Swim Prostheses. Please see below for various options for alternatives to pre-pocketed mastectomy swimwear.

You can sew a pocket in the cup of any regular bathing suit that you already have or want to buy. Two pockets per pkg @ $16/pkg.  This way it only costs you $8 to fix up a regular suit of your choice! Pockets come in Black, White, and Beige. You can view them on our website under Bra Pockets.

Many women choose to wear the Valetta Tank Top as a bathing suit top and simply buy bathing suit bottoms at a regular bathing suit store to create their own tankini. The tops come in a variety of colours and sizes. This option is best for ocean use, as repeated exposure to chlorine can sometimes alter colouring of materials.

Coral Coast is a store that custom makes bathing suits to fit you specifically.
 They are very familiar with breast forms and pocketing swimwear to fit the prosthesis accordingly.
728 Lakeshore Rd. East., Mississauga (Hwy 10 S/Lakeshore Rd).
Contact Coral Coast: 905-891-9334

Evangeline Rose is a swimwear brand that offers stylish and flattering swimwear for sizes 8-16. Many of the styles are prosthesis-friendly and have secure pocketing in the cup. We’ve had positive feedback about their customer service and suit quality. Shopping online is made easy with their fit guarantee and return policy. For personal assistance with sizing, contact Evangeline Rose directly from their website.