The Petite Basic LymphaPress Machine

If you have lymphedema, you deserve effective and convenient treatment. LymphaPress can be used in the comfort of your home, and can be set to any treatment time and pressure prescribed by your physician, to fit your specific needs.

This easy-to-use system allows you to perform lymph drainage at home. It is a sequential pneumatic compression therapy system specifically designed for optimal reduction and management of peripheral edema, lymphedema, venous stasis ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency.


  • Sequential compression with four overlapping compression cells to ensure distal to proximal flow and comfortable compression
  • Fully adjustable pause time to accommodate patients who require longer intermission for vascular refill
  • Pressure lock-in feature prevents accidental tampering, for patient safety
  • Garments are easy to put on and remove, with zipper closures and colour-coded connections
  • Garments available in wide range of sizes, are durable and easy to clean
  • Can treat 1 or 2 limbs simultaneously


Sigvaris Athletic Recovery Sock – Unisex (15-20mmHg)

Designed to improve athletic recovery and performance, the Athletic Recovery sock helps to flush out the lactic acids built up in the leg muscles during exercise, as well as relieve tired, aching legs and exercise-induced muscle soreness.
Compression 15-20 mmHg Controlled Graduated Compression
Fiber content 67% dri-release polyester, 26% nylon, 7% spandex
Latex Free yarns with an embedded environmentally-friendly Freshguard® treatment that virtually eliminates odors

Available Colours: White with grey chevrons, Black with grey chevrons

Find your size on the sizing chart below:

Bauerfeind Washing Solution – Liquid

Gentle and highly effective cleaning for all stockings: the special liquid detergent with its fresh, pleasant scent. Ensures lasting protection for your stockings, as well as all elastic textile materials. Also suitable for use in washing machines. Caution: Never use fabric softener, since this can impair the medical effect of compression stockings.

VenoTrain Sport


As one of the leading manufactures of compression stockings, Bauerfeind has been an official supplier to the German Olympic Teams since 2001. The knowledge and experience gained from providing products to athletes is incorporated into the development of this product. With Bauerfeind you can always be sure that you are making the right decision for the highest quality.

Compression stocking have an energizing effect that you can feel and promote endurance. This is why more and more professional and amateur athletes rely on medical compression stockings when training and competing. The VenoTrain Sport compression stocking has been optimally designed to meet the special needs of athletes.This sock is very comfortable due to fine microfibers and it’s ribbed effect. It is extremely breathable with optimum moisture reducing qualities. This sock boasts a reinforced antibacterial sole.

Available Colours (all include blue accent):

VenoTrain Micro Balance


Well-being and care in one! The skin is our largest and most important organ. Daily environmental influences such as cold and heat, as well as wearing medical compression stockings could stress the skin. Sensations like tension, dryness up to scaling and itchiness might be the consequences. The solution: VenoTrain® micro balance- the medical compression stocking with integrated skin care.

VenoTrain® micro balance is the first medical compression stocking, which cares and protects the legs, and offers an effective compression therapy at the same time. The natural moisture level of the skin can be kept in balance. Bauerfeind has enhanced it’s well-known, medically approved VenoTrain® : the high level of micro fibers for a particularly present wearing comfort is combined with the harmonizing care for the skin. VenoTrain® micro balance is much more than a classical medical compression stocking, it is well-being and care in one. VenoTrain® micro balance combines modern compression therapy with natural caring substances. Mild and caring substances have a harmonizing impact on the skin.


  • Squalane (a skin care substance made out of olive oil) keeps the moisture level of the skin in balance
  • Monoi de Tahiti (an extract of the Tahitian Tiare flower) makes the skin gentle and smooth
  • Seed oil made of passion fruits relaxes and smoothes the skin
  • Vitamine E and vitamine E acetat protects the skin for advanced deterioration
  • Urea enhances the regeneration of the skin cells
  • All substances are biologically degradable and have been tested dermatologically

The skin care substances make the surface of the VenoTrain® micro balance very smooth. The medical compression stocking moves easily over the skin and reduces the pressure sensation on the leg. The nice softness of the material increase the wearing comfort among patients.

Available Colours:

VenoTrain Micro


VenoTrain® micro consists of a fine fabric with a high proportion of microfiber. In addition to the attractive appearance, this compression stocking guarantees first-class wearing comfort. The microComfort-Effect ensures that the skin only comes into contact with microfibers.

The skin moisture and temperature are virtually identical after physical strain with and without VenoTrain® micro. An unpleasant hyperthermia on the skin is prevented. The body moisture is released in an optimum manner. In other words: wearing VenoTrain® micro even on hot days keeps you from sweating.

VenoTrain® compression stockings are comfortable to wear and support an active, healthy lifestyle. A balanced compression effect, individually tailored to the requirements of your legs guarantees therapeutic success. Medically effective, continuously tested, guarantees the high quality of VenoTrain®.

Available colours:

Sigvaris Arm Sleeves

This sigvaris arm sleeve features odour control and silver ion properties to maintain skin hygiene. The moisture-wicking properties keep skin dry while the silicone grip top keeps your arm sleeve in place all day. This sleeve is available with or without a gauntlet. This sleeve is made of 50% Nylon, 28% Rayon, 22% Spandex and is Latex-free. Available in the beige colour shown above.

Compression Levels: 15-20mmHg*, 20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg
*Not available with gauntlet or in plus sizing

How To Measure

Getting the correct measurements for compression stockings or armsleeve is one of the most important aspects to achieving a good fit. The following tutorial will guide you step by step in how to measure for compression stockings. It is recommended that you take these measurements in the morning because it will help avoid your measurements being biased by swelling.


Calf Length
Compression Measurement Calf Length
Thigh or Pantyhose Length
CompressionScreen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.37.42 PM


LympheDiva Sizing Chart


Rx 500 Natural Rubber – Unisex (30-40mmHg)


Manufactured from double-covered, soft, natural rubber to offer the greatest degree of elasticity and great durability. The Natural Rubber Series accommodates larger ankle circumferences up to 18″ (40-46cm). The high-stretch knit construction in combination with double-covered yarns provides great elasticity and easy donning and removal.

  • Calf, thigh, and thigh with waist attachement: 70% nylon / 30% natural latex rubber
  • Pantyhose: 75% nylon / 20% natural latex rubber / 5% other fibers

Styles: Open toe calf, Open toe thigh, Open toe thigh with grip-top, Open toe pantyhose, Thigh with waist attachment

Rx 230 Cotton Series – Unisex (20-30, 30-40mmHg)


The high-stretch knit construction in combination with double-covered yarns provides great elasticity and easy donning and removal. Cotton yarn on the interior is ideal for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin. There is reduced compression in the foot area to improve comfort for longer wear and ease.

  • Designed with 25% Supima® Cotton for optimum wearing comfort
  • Fiber content: 50% nylon / 25% spandex / 25% cotton
  • Latex Free

Styles: Closed toe calf, Closed toe thigh with grip-top, Open toe calf, Open toe thigh with grip-top